Skin Types & Concerns

The first step in selecting products that are right for you if knowing what your skin type is. Please see the examples below to help you determining your skin type.


  • small to medium pores
  • balanced oil production
  • smooth texture appearance


  • oily T-Zone (acne prone) with normal to dry cheeks
  • medium pore size, possible uneven skin texture and tone
  • occasional blemishes


  • all over dryness; dehydrated
  • prone to moisture loss and dehydration
  • dull texture, due to age and hormonal change


  • excessive oil secretions; all over shine and oil break-through
  • large visible open pores
  • prone to blemishes


  • broken blood vessels and capillaries
  • rashes or red blotchy patches develop on the skin when exposure to wind, sun, or temperature changes
  • skin has fine pores


  • skin becomes drier, wrinkles become more noticeable
  • spots and growths appear on the surface
  • collagen and elastin fibers weaken

If you need additional help in determining your skin type, please send us an email at Make sure to add your phone number one of our skin care spec list will contact you to help you determine your skin type.